The Melbourne Order of Perpetual Indulgence

The Sisters and Brothers of the Order of Perpetual Indulgence are part of a worldwide order of queer men and women of all sexualities.

Formed around 1979 in response to attacks on the queer community by fundamentalist religious organisations, its tenets are: The expiation of stigmatic guilt, and The promulgation of universal joy. By eradicating guilt and promoting universal joy, we aim to end prejudice and intolerance towards those who ‘dare to be different’.

By manifesting in habit, the Sisters and Brothers challenge gender stereotypes and the oppression of organised religious orthodoxy, which still refuses to accept queers (or, indeed, anyone living an ‘unacceptable’ lifestyle) as being equal members of society with a right to their sexuality.

The Order is not a religious order, nor is it anti religion. Many within the Order observe a religious or spiritual life. Others do not. The Order is open to all who feel the call of the habit. We celebrate at public events. We demonstrate. We perform queer affirmative ritual, do fund-raising, perform memorials and generally drag up in habit at any invitation.


2 responses to “About

  1. sister soami

    o my dear sisters and brothers,
    y’all look really fab in the pride parade and do this ol’ foundress’ heart glad to see such a stunning presence and peruse such a fine and informative website.
    A detail of canonical accuracy i hope you will correct is in the talk on the four tenants. The RC (roman church) dispenses “plenary” and “partial” indulgences. Now plenary means full, complete, absolute and so did merit the “bypass Purgatory” card. It’s similar to “perpetual” which means ongoing and forever…and as the ol’ mum much responsible for this riff on catholic terminology and our expropriation thereof three decades ago, i wished you to get and promulgate this clarification. (and as a sidelight to what we were thinking back then and to our honoring of the roman sisters who have gone before and inspired us, just up the hill from our two convents in the Haight district of SF were The Sisters of Perpetual Adoration, cloistered and committed to the daily veneration of the Holy Eucharist–the body of Christ as a flat flour and water wafer incased in a gold monstrance–truly a rich vocabulary!) So our name variation to catholic practice had these local roots as well.
    And while i am on it, when I was with you all in Sydney at the 2002 Conclave of OPI/SPI, i implored the world wide sisterhood to adopt “multiversal” or “omniversal” joy over the “universal” since that is more accurate for the all thats around us. The French and German Houses were quick to embrace that diversity over the singularity. The US not so. Of late and at the suggestion of one of our young nuns, Sr. Genie in Nashville, I’ve altered Omniversal to Cosmic Joy which means much the same and more crisply acknowledges the bigger picture of which we all are a part.
    I hope you enjoy this little instruction as much as i have in giving it, and tell any of the original Melbourne sisters, Rhythm Method, Lateral Thinking, who are out and about that “mish” (for missionary position, then missionary delight before iamosama delight, of which “so am i” is short for) sends hugs and tender greetings of sororal bliss.
    And if any of you visit the USA, please consider visiting our 3 Sisters Retreat House at the Short Mountain Sanctuary in Liberty, TN (we are but a long hour from the Nashville airport). I’ve been a missionary sister here among the radical faeries for 26 years now and so appreciate visitors from our world wide order.
    thanks for any and all indulgences you may give me, dear ones in faith and fortitude forever.

    • Thank you for your interest iamosama, I’m glad you enjoy our fancy hijinks and I hope the edits to the main body of the Four Tenets section are to your satisfaction. Unfortunately all of the original Melbourne sisters are in RSL, otherwise I would gladly pass on your greetings.
      Blessings, Mother Dixi Annephetamine.

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