The Four Tenets of the Order.

Every member of the Order is bound by the Four Tenets –

1. The First Tenet: The Granting of Perpetual Indulgences
(a) In Catholic Church history the most sought after indulgence was the Plenary Indulgence, meaning absolute which gave you instant access to Heaven without spending any time in Purgatory.
(b) The “Order of Perpetual Indulgence” is a play on words (pun). For example, we can bless someone – allowing them to indulge perpetually in being themselves, in their sexuality, in their joy.

2. The Second Tenet: The Expiation of Stigmatic Guilt.


a) Expiate: to atone for (sin or wrongdoing); make amends for.

(b) By wearing the old and antiquated habits of the early Catholic Church, the Sisters represent the old and antiquated habits of the early Catholic Church.”
(c) One of those habits still practised by many “Christians” these days – is stigmatising homosexuality as being sinful and thereby making people feel guilty for what is a natural expression of themselves.
(d) Our (satirical) purpose here is to take on the duty of saying to everyone “Sorry for making you feel guilty all your life”, and thereby releasing them from that burden.

3. The Third Tenet: The Promulgation of Universal Joy (The Melbourne order would like to acknowledge the wishes of iamosama delight, founding member of the order at this point and exhort all sisters to freely choose whichever term, be it mulit- omni- universal, or cosmic joy, that captures the essence of this tenet for them.)
(a) Promulgate –
(i) To make known (a decree, for example) by public declaration; announce officially.
(ii) To put (a law) into effect by formal public announcement.
(b) Essentially, running around telling everyone that “joy”, as a concept, is for all, not just the chosen few.
(c) Rather than carrying around the weight of the world on your shoulders,
(i) you are allowed to smile,
(ii) you are allowed to laugh.

4. The Fourth Tenet: Public Manifestation through Habitual Perpetration
(a) Simply getting out in public and being seen.
(b) This is an integral part of being a member of the Order. One represents the Order each and every moment whilst manifesting.
(c) It is essential that we maintain a visible presence in the market place.
(d) Sometimes, it is simply by “being there” – not performing any special activity, but merely being seen that a powerful



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